Hydrogen generator
Power your home, car or a factory with clean fuel.
0% Greenhouse gases emissions.
Save up to 95% on energy costs.

Hydrogen is the future
Say goodbye to dirty, deadly sources of power.

Hydrogen is the future
Welcome a new energy renaissance fueled by hydrogen – a clean, affordable and safe energy that can be easily produced in unlimited quantities on demand.

Time is running out

poluted air

Deadly fossil fuels are poisoning our water and air. They’re causing climate change and killing wildlife and people.

We have a solution

right solution

The Energy Renaissance Hydrogen Generator is completely clean and safe, is up to 95% cheaper than fossil fuels and can power anything. It is simple and revolutionary – and ready NOW.

Why hydrogen will power our future

Save up to 95% on your electricity and fuel bills

Generate electricity, heat or fuel for transport where and when you need it

This eco-friendly fuel powers homes, offices, transport, shops, factories and farms

Hydrogen turns to water when burned

Say yes to easy, clean safe and affordable power. And no to greenhouses gases, pollution and climate change.

Why fossil fuels are killing us and the solution

Hydrogen output certificates by EPA certified gas testers

Hydrogen generator output was measured by the best in the business. The gas output tests were performed by TRC Solutions, Airkinetics Inc. and Horizon Air Measurement Services Inc.

The companies are State Of California and EPA certified, operate nationwide and their clients include energy bluechips and leading utility companies.

TRC is a leading nationwide engineering company employing over 4000 technical staff. TRC purchased General Electric’s Air Emissions Testing business in 2013. TRC Solutions conducted input/output tests on the hydrogen generator in accordance with EPA standards.

AirKinetics, EPA certified, is a leading nationwide provider of emissions testing services to industry and government since 1995. AirKinetics conducted input/output tests on the hydrogen generator in accordance with EPA standards.

Horizon Air Measurement Services, EPA certified as tester, is a leading gas testing company in USA. Horizon Air Measurement Services conducted input/output tests on the hydrogen generator in accordance with EPA standards.

How hydrogen, the power of the future, is produced

How it works

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generator construction

EPA standard certified large unit of the Hydrogen Generator. Electricity and heat for 20-40 homes

Over the past eight years, a team of the world’s top PhD scientists (with backgrounds including NASA and top research centers) have been working to develop a clean, safe and affordable new fuel source.

The result is an intricate combination of 16 physical and chemical processes that are combined and tuned to work in unison to produce clean, affordable hydrogen.

Our patented technology uses a water solution, basic metals and a tiny amount of electricity, and it’s ready to license now. All we need is you.

generator node

Small unit of the Hydrogen Generator. Electricity and heat for 1 home

Hydrogen is cheaper

Hydrogen isn’t just cleaner than fossil fuels – it’s cheaper too:

  • Hydrogen costs the equivalent of 2-4 cents per 1 kWh kilowatt hour. Compare this to the current price of 1kWh in homes of about 20-30 cents.
  • 1 kg of hydrogen costs about $1 to produce. A car can travel up to 60 miles on 1 kg of H2.

Hydrogen is safer

Not only is hydrogen much cleaner and cheaper than gasoline or diesel, but it’s safer too – turning to water when it’s burned.

We need water solution, metal plates and a small amount of electricity.

A generator produces
hydrogen on demand

Hydrogen releases energy that can power fuel cells, hydrogen engines, turbines and boilers

These technologies can power 98% of all applications that need energy

Our team

Management Jack Aganyan
Kirill Gichunts
Technical Suren M.
Anahint M.
Ashot A.
Legal Mark Rabinovich
team group photo

Prior, as an investment banking executive, Kirill completed M&A and ECM transactions. Kirill received a bachelor’s degree in business and political economics from University of California, Berkeley.



Kirill Gichunts

Kirill is the CEO at Energy Renaissance. He is an avid entrepreneur and business leader. Over 15 years ago, he decided to devote his career to helping humanity through sound business practices. He left his job to bring the hydrogen generator to life, and worked for free to push Energy Renaissance forward.

Kirill is passionate about clean technology, and believes that Energy Renaissance can save millions of lives and make the world cleaner and safer for all of us.

Before joining Energy Renaissance Kirill was a managing partner at a technology venture capital accelerator division of multi-billion European holding, EastOne Group. He invested in and mentored over 10 teams of young entrepreneurs and achieved an exit.

He was also an investment banker at KBC Securities, Raiffeisen Investment/Lazard and Deloitte, helping to raise over $400 million for developing economies and creating thousands of jobs. One of his deals took an award for best IPO in Central and Eastern Europe on Warsaw Stock Exchange. Kirill has also started and led successful technology start-ups, one of which gained support of Microsoft.

Kirill graduated from the University of California Berkeley with degrees in business and political economy. He is happily married and his hobby is to start and grow companies (which leaves little time for much else). He enjoys travelling and spending time with friends, a good game of chess and cooking.


Jack Aganyan

Jack is the President of Energy Renaissance. He is a passionate entrepreneur who is on mission to help the planet. He put together the team and led the development and refinements of the hydrogen generator models. Jack led the team through the development of seven models of the hydrogen generator – all highly efficient devices for hydrogen production – until they perfected one that delivered the groundbreaking results he wanted.

The process was no easy task; during development Jack worked 12-16 hours a day with little rest on weekends and no pay. He also sold his real estate to finance the project, a clear indication of his drive to make a world a cleaner and better place.

Before building the hydrogen generator, Jack bought a gold mine and pioneered a non-invasive procedure to extract gold from dust in the air. He also set up a jewelry manufacturing plant, growing the business to 117 employees. Before that, Jack built houses.

Jack is married with two daughters. He is a proud dad and considers fatherhood his biggest achievement (he is particularly proud of his daughter’s straight A track record). An outdoorsmen, Jack enjoys spending time in nature and taking mini cruises to enjoy the best the earth has to offer – including clean air and water.



Suren Manukyan, PhD

Suren is Energy Renaissance’s Chief Scientist and heads chemical, physics and technological research and development (R&D). He has over 45 years of experience in roles including senior engineer, R&D engineer and Chief Scientist.

During Suren’s most recent tenures as senior engineer for medical engineering companies he oversaw complex diagnostic and therapeutic equipment engineering for intricate diagnostic and therapeutic equipment at hospitals in Los Angeles.

Before this, Suren led the development and manufacturing of low and high voltage electronic devices, electro medical and optoelectronic devices for over 16 years in Yerevan, Armenia. He was Chief Scientist at the Neyron Scientific Industrial Plant, Astro Scientific Center and Observatory of Academy of Sciences. Since 1967 Suren has been proudly at the forefront of the development of electronic devices that have changed the face of medicine today (he developed one of the first modern pacemakers).

Suren received a master’s degree in Radio Physics and Electronics from Yerevan State University and a PhD in Radio Physics and Electronics from Gorkiy University, Russia. He has more than 40 scientific works, inventions and author certificates and patents.

Suren is happily married with two daughters and three granddaughters. He enjoys chess, conducting new research experiments, spending time with friends and, once in a while, cognac tasting.


Ash Arzunyan

Ash is an engineer with over 30 years of experience in design and development of machinery for commercial jewelry stamping and engraving. His passion lies in creative custom fabrication and prototype development.

Ash assists with equipment R&D for large pharmaceutical companies. He’s also an enthusiastic entrepreneur. He recently entered into a partnership at a machine shop, and invested in a mining operation while living in Africa for six years. At the age of 23, Ashot was one of the youngest winners to receive a Golden Hands Medal in Russia. (The medal is awarded to the top expert in manufacturing instruments for jewelry.)

Ash studied mechanical engineering at State Engineering University of Armenia. also attended a music college and likes to sing opera. Ash has a black belt in Judo, is an Armenian Judo champion and enjoys cooking and Chinese cuisine.

Ash is passionate about Energy Renaissance. His wish is for global warming to be reversed and for coal usage to vanish. He is happily married with two daughters and three sons.


Avag Avagyan, PhD

Avag is a research and development scientist at Energy Renaissance. He has over 30 years of experience in R&D and processing of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits (IC), micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS) and solar cells. At Energy Renaissance he is involved in process development, integration, optimization, analysis and control.

Before joining Energy Renaissance, Avag worked in the US as a senior engineer with a number of technical companies in the design and processing of MEMS based integrated with IC capacitive and piezo-resistive pressure sensors for automotive and medical applications. He also designed and optimized the processes for thin film, semiconductor-based Solar Cells.

Before moving to the US, Avag worked with scientific organizations in Armenia on R&D and the manufacturing of semiconductor magnetic and chemical sensors. He also taught undergraduate courses in the Properties of Semiconductor Materials and Processing of Microelectronic Sensors in the State Engineering University of Armenia.

Avag received a master's degree in Semiconductor Device and Microelectronics from the State Engineering University of Armenia, and a PhD in Microelectronic Sensors and Solid State Electronics from Moscow Institute of Electronic Technology. He has more than 20 journal papers, presentations, and author certifications.

Avag enjoys life with his wife, three children, and two granddaughters. He is interested in soccer, chess and spending time with coworkers and friends.


Vagharshak Pilossyan, M.D. and Sirvard Khacheryan Pilossyan, PhD

Vagharshak and Sirvard supported Energy Renaissance financially by donating over $50 thousand. They believe this technology is god’s gift to the mankind.

Vagharshak Pilossyan has 44 years of experience as a medical doctor. He graduated from the Yerevan State Medical University in Armenia, and later worked as a general surgeon specializing in vascular and neuro-surgeries. During the last 25 years he has been practicing medicine in California, as an internal medicine provider in Pilossyan Medical Center, which he and Sirvard co-own. In Armenia, he invented over 40 instruments for arrhythmia surgery. Along with Suren (Energy Renaissance Chief Scientist) he developed one of the world’s first external programmable pacemakers. He also received a patent for an instrument that enabled a new method of aorta-coronary shunting.

Aside from medicine, Vagharshak organizes free classes of meditation for the community and is a frequent guest on a TV program that promotes health education to the Armenian community. Vagharshak also enjoys playing soccer. Most recently, he participated at the Seniors World Cup Soccer Competition in Thailand.

Sirvard Khacheryan Pilossyan is currently co-owner and the Office Manager of Pilossyan Medical Center, Inc that she established with her husband, Vagharshak, 22year ago. She graduated Yerevan State University School of Chemistry and worked on her PhD at the Inorganic Chemistry Institute of Moscow, Russia.

She loves to help her community by providing charity works. She has been an active member of the Armenian American Medical Society (AAMS) of CA's Ladies Auxiliary for the past 15 years. During that time she assisted AAMS to promote public health, projects of health education and charitable activities that improve the health and quality of life for all people. Most recently, they embarked on a new project called the "Glendale Healthy Women,” where they promoted and raised awareness about the importance of preventative care and screening exams.

Sirvard loves literature, art, theater and traveling. She is fond of meditation and has authored a book that reviewed Dr. Prof. Levon Khacheryan’s works in the area of linguistics. She supports Energy Renaissance and believes that our mission is to keep earth peaceful, healthy, safe and a loving place to live in.

Together, Vagharshak and Sirvard have 4 daughters and 5 grandchildren.


Anahit Markaryan

Anahit enjoys helping people, especially the sick, and dreams of finding cure for cancer. She enjoys travelling, experiencing new things and expanding her knowledge.

Anahit is skilled in three languages: Armenian, Russian, and English. A mother of two, she is proud of both her daughters’ academic achievements. She devotes her free time to crunching chemical calculations to support development of Energy Renaissance’s world-changing technology to save the environment and reduce the carbon footprint.

Anahit graduated with a master’s degree in chemistry from Yerevan State Medical University, and is passionate about studying organic and inorganic chemistry. Chemistry to her is like a puzzle that, when solved, creates a new way of thinking.

Anahit likes chocolate, pastries, exercising and shopping.


Robert Avetisian

Robert is a seasoned innovator and design engineering professional, with extensive experience in product design, development, project management and manufacturing in various industries. He comes up with solutions by thinking outside of the box, and is a holder of several patents pertaining to water conservation products.

Robert’s curiosity about everything in the universe has led him through many shifts in industries. In 2004 his concern about our degrading environment steered him towards Falcon Waterfree Technologies, a startup company with water conservation solutions. There he joined forces with a great team as a design engineer, and served as Vice President of Research and Development until 2011.

Robert’s quest to guard and preserve our environment led him to Energy Renaissance, another startup company with a great mission. Here he intends to use all his knowledge and experience to help solve the energy crises that we all face today.

Robert is happily married with a young daughter who wants to be an engineer and help her dad design the future. He embraces and initiates change for the better, and in the process keeps re-inventing and re-generating himself to be innovative, creative and efficient in all facets of life and functions.






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